How to maintain commercial fleet vehicles

By Product Expert | Posted in Service & Maintenance, Tips & Tricks on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 10:23 pm
Safe Fleet Management

Purchasing fleet vehicles, whether they are commercial trucks or business sedans, is a major, yet important investment for your business. We say investment, because in the long run, a Ford Fleet should help your business run more efficiently, eventually leading to higher profits.

That said, to ensure your vehicles run at their best and aren’t frequently costing money in preventable repairs, it’s important you and your employees know how to maintain commercial vehicles. In addition to its cost effectiveness, preventative maintenance will help your business steer clear of any negligence issues after an incident. Take a look at some of the best practices for maintaining business or commercial fleets and analyze your internal processes to make sure everyone is doing their part in keeping your commercial fleet at its best.

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Create a preventative maintenance schedule

Sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is an absolute must. Depending on how many vehicles you have in your fleet, that may or may not be a challenge. Create a detailed schedule outlining dates and mileage markers when service is required on each vehicle. Maintain service records and have drivers report odometer readings after trips to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Our commercial fleet specialists can also help you set up a preventative maintenance schedule based on manufacturer recommended services.

Adjust maintenance schedules based on driving conditions

Commercial truck drivers that are consistently towing or hauling a lot of weight or are driving in dusty, off-road settings may need more frequent maintenance. Driving practices like excessive idling and frequent starting and stopping are also harder on your vehicles. Be sure to adjust your maintenance schedules accordingly.

Help drivers feel comfortable reporting problems

When you train the employees that will be driving your commercial vehicles, it’s important you encourage them to report any warning lights, irregular sounds, or other issues as soon as they arise. The people behind the wheel are the first line of defense against potentially costly repairs, so it’s vital they feel comfortable reporting even the smallest issues.

Utilize technology

The larger the fleet, the harder it is to manage. Ford commercial vehicles easily integrate with the the industry’s most popular fleet management software programs to ensure no important maintenance milestones slip through the cracks. Through many of these digital programs, you can create custom maintenance schedules, monitor mileage, store maintenance records, monitor costs, and much more. As your fleet grows, commercial management software helps reduce man-hours and increase your fleet management accuracy.

A properly managed and regularly maintained fleet helps keep costs down and, more importantly, drivers safe. Meet with our Ford Fleet commercial specialists to help you create a unique maintenance schedule for your business or commercial fleet.